Ask A Paladin
A_Brand_New_Name asks…

Ser Paladin! I am in direst need of assistance. I am plagued by a horde of Procrastination, led by General Laziness. How am I to protect my diminishing crop of “study time” before ‘tis too late?!

Ahh, truly procrastination is the work of dark forces. Even one such as I has succumbed to putting off something when I shouldn’t. BUT! When I put on my armor every morning, I remind myself that I cannot let others down! It is a promise I made between me and my god, and I dare not break it. But I didn’t always have that. The easiest thing is to simply stand guard against the horde of procrastination. General Laziness is a coward, and will only attack when he sees you do nothing. If you are truly desperate, you could stand guard the whole night if necessary. Only then will you emerge victorious.